4 Impactful Reasons Moms Make Great Managers- Valutrics

Moms are notorious cheerleaders, coaches, and overseers. When a kid needs a word of encouragement, a reminder of the rules, a victory high-five or a hug to pick up the pieces, moms are there. The awareness that staff members require the same type of motivation, monitoring, redirection, and celebration is the special sauce of the best managers, and moms provide this key ingredient effortlessly.

Moms have a special radar that picks up on the weaknesses and strengths of others. Moms know how to inspire a kid to do what he’s best at, and how to get him help for the areas in which he is lacking. They have an innate talent for sensing when it’s time to let a kid give up or push him to persevere. Managers that employees look up to are those who give them the courage to stretch themselves, but also allow them to acknowledge and hone their imperfections.

Working moms are much more than a potential workplace liability. They are consummate negotiators, creative thinkers, caring advocates, and conscientious leaders. They find ways to placate the unruly, to inspire the misguided, and to pull everyone around them, instead of just themselves, forward. And the ultimate truth about working moms–and the one that no one likes to give voice to, is that the only one who might suffer in the equation is the mom herself, because she will always put her own needs behind those of her company, her children, and her spouse.