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People only buy for one reason and 99% of salespeople don’t know what that is, but do you know why people don’t buy from you? There are actually many reasons why people don’t buy from you. Understanding your buyer and the reasons why they don’t buy is essential to deliver creative, captivating communication and ultimately provide the service of the close.

Here are but just a few of the reasons people aren’t buying from you. 

1. Lack of time.

This is a reason people might not be getting back to you. You have to solve this time problem with your client to get your product, service and your company back on their agenda. They lack time to call you back, to email you, to respond to your text and to make time for another presentation. Look for creative ways to solve the lack of time issue.

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2. Cash flow.

This is a major concern for every business. Cash flow has nothing to do with your price, product or brand. It’s their problem that you inherit. He is worried about the cash flow of the business effecting the business.  You lowering the price and adding value does not solve the cash flow concern.

Stop thinking like a salesperson and start thinking like a business person. The true professional salesperson will flush out that cash flow is the issue and resolve the issues in creative ways. You can simply ask, “Is this a cash flow issue? You mean if the cash flow problem wasn’t there, you would do this right now?” Offer deferred payments to bring the deal to fruition.

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3. Able to do without.

Many people can go on without your solution. They have decided that they don’t need to do this right now. Why? They are making money and getting You have to establish what the real problem is, the pain, that pivotal thing that makes them feel they have to do something now.  You have got to find that out.  Until you find that thing that makes them realize they can’t carry on without this, you won’t make the sale.  If they showed interest once they’ll probably have interest again.  Keep following up.  They showed interest, had a problem, and for a moment thought they needed it right now, but the feeling went away.  Be there when the winds change again.

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4. Your reputation.

You might have a black eye you don’t know about. Search the internet and maybe you’ll see something they saw. It could be a Yelp review or google review, something on Facebook — somebody somewhere posted or said something about your company and you need to handle it.

Ask people straight up, “Have you heard anything about me or my company that’s keeping you from doing business with us?” Just watch for an answer. You’ll see it show up on the buyer’s face. You’ll need to provide real hard data that whatever they’ve heard is not true.

Longer term, the best way to handle your reputation is to earn a good reputation. Get lots of people saying good things about you and your company. Too many people wait until there is a reputation problem and then try and play catch-up.

Every day you need to be telling the world what you are doing to contribute, make it different, to make your community, area or group better. Build and sell your reputation. The old adage of not blowing your own horn is stupid — then why have a horn? Build your reputation and your brand, and make it golden. You don’t need it to be perfect.  If you’re going to make it to the top you will have haters. You’ll have people post stuff about you that is not true. Get lots of people to post good stuff that will overwhelm the few haters.  

There are many more reasons people aren’t buying from you. To grow your business you must understand your buyers and the many reasons they don’t buy from you so that you can fix those issues and get sales. I’ve created programs to help business owners and entrepreneurs grow sales and increase market share, but it starts with understanding why people aren’t buying from you.

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Grant Cardone

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