4 Ways To React To A Rival Badmouthing Your MENA Business- Valutrics

There is competition in every field of business—as long as all the players are indulging in fair play and trying to woo customers through legitimate means and products and services, competition is healthy.

However, when any player resorts to badmouthing and talking trash about a competitor, the conversation changes.

Your reputation is at stake in such a situation, and more than often, you won’t know what is the best way to react.

As a business owner, you have to learn to take such instances with a pinch of salt and deal with them tactfully. Here are some ways to respond effectively to competition badmouthing you.

Get to know the facts

It is most likely that your competition will badmouth you in front of your customers in the lure of attracting more business. When the same customers come back to you to see your reaction or negotiate with you, listen carefully.

See what the issue and what is the concern raised. Understand what the competition has been talking about and get to know the facts. It won’t help to fight back or defend yourself without knowing the facts.

Sometimes you can neutralize the backbiting by asking a question in response. Or you can cite instances to your customers where you have solved similar concerns in the past.

Invest time and resources

The very fact that your competition is badmouthing you means that you are doing something right; so one reaction to badmouthing could be to work harder and establish your business even more.

For this, you need to invest time and resources in strategy and research. An excellent course of action could also be not to react at all. In a worst case scenario, you may have to act in defense and line up or give warning of some legal action.

Be professional

It never helps to stoop to the other person’s level. In fact, you have to rise above the situation and act calm and peaceful. If someone is talking trash about your business, you don’t have to take it personally. Not reacting in haste will show your professionalism in the long run.

Maintaining silence and continuing to improve your products and customer service will tell those around you that there is no basis to the badmouthing.

Focus on your strengths

In the long run, focusing on your strengths will give you a direction to move forward in. This will also help you to improve your competitive and market strategy and tackle such instances in the broader arena. Even if you lose a customer, don’t be heartbroken. They will come back with the rest if you improve upon your strengths and USPs.

Don’t allow anyone to pull you down, bounce back right on your feet and prove yourself all over again!