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8 Seriously Overrated Things That Will Never Make You Successful



What are the most overrated things in life?  


  1. Taking Jobs Just Because “They Pay”
    They are a waste of time and kill your moral and mental drive. There’s work you often take that you are not 100% invested in, but if you believe you cannot move forward because of inexperience you are underestimating yourself.
  2. College (and College Debt)
    Unless you are taking a job that requires a degree (like a doctor), college and the debt is a waste. The most successful people I know either never went to college or went to college for something completely different than their current job.http://www.huffingtonpost.com/20…
  3. Saving to Retire
    Overworking and being frugal to stash all your money away to finally live the life you want at age 62 (that’s if you retire “early”)? I’m all for having an emergency safety fund. A better method is saving for smaller goals throughout your life and living it. #1 and #3 are definitely related. As Seth Godin put it, “Instead of wondering when your next vacation is, maybe you should set up a life you don’t need to escape from.”
  4. Running for Health/Fat Loss
    It’s tough on your joints. It’s boring and it doesn’t promote muscle strength. If you want to be 70 and not have to use a walker and still want to be able to carry grocery bags, you want to do strength training (weights) People are scared they’ll get “too big” (I’m looking at you, women). Ask any professional body builder, it takes a LOT of work (and food and sometimes “extra testosterone”) to get that way. Not only do stronger muscles help support your bones, but also make you leaner (muscle requires more energy to function).http://www.huffingtonpost.com/li…
  5. Foie Gras, Caviar, and Sea Urchin
    I’m adventurous when it comes to food. I always see blogs and food shows talking about how great these are, and having traveled around the world and tried these at Michelin star restaurants I still don’t get them. Maybe foie gras, but caviar and sea urchin? Not as amazing as people make them out to be.
  6. Being “Friends” With People Just Because You Know They Exist
    You have a few in your life. Those people you’ve added on your Facebook that you went to high school with but never seen since. That person separated from you by 6 degrees you met once at a party. The ex-ex-ex. Real relationships are a give and take. What can these people offer you? Is their only contribution to your life the fact that they stepped into your view for a few minutes? Time to clean up your friends list, you’ll be surprised how much easier it will be to breathe.
  7. Tourist Attractions
    I found my favorite vacations have one thing in common: “Do as the locals.” I’ve lived in New York for almost 10 years, and whenever I have friends visiting they’re always shocked when I tell them how horrible Times Square is. I’m not saying you should avoid seeing some of the great sights in the world, but I always remember the food and people a lot more than attractions I’ve seen a million times in photos.
  8. Fashion Shows
    I’ve worked as a fashion designer for the past 5 years now. The last company I worked for shows at Fashion Week in New York. It is not as glamorous as it seems. It’s a lot of work but it’s also a circus, where the people who have the least relevance to the business are the loudest (because that’s really all they have to contribute). Actual reporters have to get in and get out to the next show, then you have those people that managed to get in hanging around to get their photos taken. Fashion shows also aren’t as hard to get into as people assume. Whenever someone asks me what it’s like I compare it to the first time you have

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