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8 Ways to Maintain Incredible Focus in a Crazy Workspace



8 Ways to Maintain Incredible Focus in a Crazy Workspace

Turn your back to doors and hallways.


How can I concentrate in a noisy place?

Prepare a few things ahead of time so that you can concentrate better and be more productive and even less annoyed by a noisy environment.

These tips should get you started:

  • Invest in noise-cancelling headphones or regular earbuds for your phone if you want to listen to music.
  • Get silicone ear plugs if you prefer working in silence.
  • Listen to music to help you relax and improve your focus: Prepare a playlist of classical music, blues, lounge or chillout tunes, or even sounds of nature. You can play music straight from apps such as 8tracks or Pandora.
  • Set your phone to airplane mode. This tip will ensure that you don’t get distracted by incoming calls, text messages, and emails that you may be tempted to check frequently. If it’s difficult to switch off completely, then turn off the volume on your phone and turn the screen away from you so you don’t see any alerts from your apps.
  • Turn your back to doors, hallways, and areas where there’s a lot of motion. Not having any commotion in your line of vision helps a great deal.
  • Sit facing a wall or preferably facing a window overlooking trees or a park. Looking at a busy street flooded with traffic and pedestrians won’t be helpful, so having just a blank wall right in front of you is a better option.
  • Set expectations with others: Let others know you need to focus uninterrupted for a couple of hours so they don’t come to your desk with questions. Tell coworkers, your study group, or friends you’ll respond to emails and catch up with them later (for example, in two hours).
  • Have your essentials ready so you don’t interrupt your workflow: If you have everything you need to work, you’re less likely to step away from your desk and become aware of commotion or noise. Prepare all your notes and notebooks, reference materials (for example, you can bookmark websites you’ll need in your browser or keep handwritten notes on your desk), and a checklist of all items you need to complete. Always have a bottle of water, a thermos with coffee or tea (if you prefer something warm to drink) , and a snack to give you energy when you’re feeling tired.



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