Bet You Can’t Guess the Number-One City for Recent College Grads- Valutrics

From finding a job to paying rent, life after college can be tough. One of the first things to figure out is where to go next. But breaking it down into factors such as cost of living, job opportunities and average rent price can make finding the right city a bit less overwhelming.

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Looking at 108 of the largest cities across the U.S., financial advice company SmartAsset uncovered the best places for college grads, weighing how affordable, fun and job-friendly each is. For the second year in a row, the “Queen City” — that is, Cincinnati — wears the crown. Young adults in Cincinnati are experiencing plenty of job growth and have a range of opportunities. Not to mention, rent in Cincinnati is relatively low, with a median of $555 per month.

In second place is another Ohio city. Over the past year, Columbus’s unemployment rate for graduates with a bachelor’s degree decreased by 0.5 percent, and on average, these grads are making more annually than they did last year. Not only that, but the city is full of other young adults. In fact, 20 percent of Columbus’s population is in their 20s.

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However, the best cities for grads go beyond those in this Midwestern state. From Nashville to Boston, today’s top cities for college grads are peppered across the map. Check out this year’s top 10 best cities for recent grads.