CEOs Want to Be More Involved in Tech Investments- Valutrics

The majority of CEOs are embracing technology disruption as a potential opportunity, even though most of them admit that their organization may not be prepared for rapid disruption, according to a recent survey from KPMG LLP. The resulting report, “Disrupt and Grow: U.S. CEO Outlook 2017,” indicates that many corporate leaders now realize they must understand the technology side of the business to effectively do their jobs. They also want to steer much of their IT spend into ongoing innovations in data analytics, cognitive tech and the internet of things (IoT). With this approach, they hope to improve speed to market, while digitizing their business functions and becoming more disruptive. CEOs “are just beginning to realize how artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and cognitive capabilities could bring a surge in productivity, as well as help to create new products and new demand that would not be possible without these capabilities,” according to the report. “Many CEOs are looking at an internal reboot. There is a lot of building behind the scenes and a steep learning curve—not only for the C-suite, but across the enterprise. To become a digitally integrated, transparent and cognitive enterprise means rethinking many processes. It means automating many tasks—not only in the front-end consumer interface or at the back end with finance and supply chain, but throughout the organization. That will bring radical changes to the way people work in many functions.” An estimated 400 U.S. CEOs took part in the research.