Disruption, Distortion, Deterioration Are Coming- Valutrics

A recent report predicts that traditional business models will be disrupted over the next two years, and it advocates “unprecedented levels of collaboration” within enterprises and among external partners, manufacturers, vendors and regulators to safeguard security. Disruption results from an over-reliance on fragile connectivity, which includes two other themes—distortion and deterioration, the report says. Distortion occurs because of the loss of the information integrity, which will require monitoring access and changes to sensitive information. Deterioration happens when regulations and technology erode controls. The report, “Threat Horizon 2019,” is the most recent in an annual series published by the Information Security Forum, an independent not-for-profit dedicated to information security. “With established controls rendered ineffective by the latest security threats, new and innovative ways must be found to protect an organization’s most critical information assets,” said Steve Durbin, ISF’s managing director. Following are highlights of the report, including recommendations.