Egypt-based Video Analytics Startup Raises Funds As Social Video Goes Big- Valutrics

Social video analytics platform Mintrics has raised funding from Dubai-based venture capital seed fund Numu Capital.

Mintrics was launched a year ago by veteran digital professionals Tarek Nasr and Tarek Shalaby. It will use the seed funding from Numu Capital towards its global expansion plans and to further enhance its technology.

The startup uses private application programming interfaces (APIs) to provide detailed reports on how videos are performing across varied platforms.

Mintrics allows agencies and content creators to understand exactly how their videos are performing on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram, it said.

Through a single dashboard, Mintrics benchmarks all of the subscriber’s video content against historical performance in all social channels, and against industry averages.

The startup also helps determine the impact of creative elements, within the video, on viewership and how effective advertising spending is for each piece of content.

Mintrics Meter, a unique algorithm used by the startup, is said to help compare videos head to head across networks, compile seasons and campaigns into lists and then compare those head to head as well.

This allows clients to understand, in one number, how their video is performing, the startup claims.

There are over 500,000 social videos accounting for 100 billion views analyzed on Mintrics, including BuzzFeed, Disney, AJ+, American Idol and Facebook, the startup claims.

Mintrics is a startup that has a high growth potential, a unique technology, and a solid team behind it, said Jamal Al-Mutarred, managing director of Numu Capital.

Brands worldwide are putting more money into social video than ever before and in the US alone, social video ad spend is expected to reach $4 billion by the end of this year, Al-Mutarred said.

Numu Capital’s portfolio includes leading real estate portal in Egypt and Saudi Arabia,, Saudi-based, a boutique Perfume and Beauty eCommerce and Cairo-based on-demand delivery startup Bosta.