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Finance, Risk and the Energy Value Chain 2013- Valutrics

Finance, Risk and the Energy Value Chain


Oct 28 – Nov 1, 2013


Location: Groningen, Netherlands

The energy industry faces tremendous challenges. Energy demand patterns are accelerating, while the traditional energy sources are becoming scarcer. The world is looking for innovative energy sources and for new energy supply structures. Big investment decisions will determine positions for the longer run, and have to be taken against the background of a multitude of uncertainties. These developments demand top performance of the finance professionals. Energy Delta Institute together with PwC Academy set up this five-day course to helps energy professionals enhance their understanding of the energy value chain and the impacts of risk:

• Economics – why is the energy value chain what it is, how can external risks be identified, understand thing market dynamics, appropriate forecasting methods; • Valuation – what are crucial value drivers, how to measure value, what are the value-implications of risks; • Finance and Treasury – what is the optimal financial structure of the company, how should the companies’ activities be financed given the risk profiles, how can financial positions be managed optimally? • Transactions – how are decisions to expand, contract or reorient along the value chain developed, how are targets identified, how does the process of developing and closing a deal work; • Due Diligence and Post Merger – how can the internal risks associated to an asset deal or an investment be identified, how can the success of the deal be safeguarded.

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