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Google snaps up startup in push to master computer vision- Valutrics

Recreating the visual world

What’s in it for companies other than the titans of big data? Analysts point out that the use cases for machine learning-based image recognition go well beyond simple categorization, such as finding personal family photos or narrowing down products in a shopping catalog.

The technology has the potential to transform healthcare, for example, by helping doctors diagnose diseases from medical images. In addition, augmented and virtual reality wearables that need to use cameras to sense the world around them can benefit from image recognition and improved tracking capabilities, Malisiewicz said.

Computer vision

Computer vision seeks mathematical models and computer algorithms that can automatically extract information from images and videos. 

– Jason Corso Ph.D., associate professor of electrical engineering and computer science, University of Michigan

Machine learning-based image recognition will help enterprises automate operational functions like surveillance, field inspections and anything else that involves continuous or periodic inspections, Forrester’s Gualtieri said.

The actionable data that results from advancements in computer vision opens up new potential revenue opportunities for enterprises, according to Matthew Zeiler, founder and CEO at Clarifai, an AI company that specializes in visual recognition.

“They’re also able to glean insights from previously untapped information sources, like images and video that have no descriptions, metadata or hashtags,” he added.

Other benefits are sure to come. Computer vision is still a relatively young field and exploring it is vital, said Jason Corso, Ph.D., associate professor of electrical engineering and computer science at the University of Michigan.

“It is critical to note that these advances and business cases barely scratch the surface of the potential market and problem space. Ours is a visual world; harnessing its richness is a critical horizon for future technological advances,” he said.