How Can You Become a More Compelling Leader? Make 1 Simple Change- Valutrics

As a leader, of course you seek to engage employees so they’re motivated to do their best work.

So you’re well aware of the importance of communicating, After all, you spend the whole day in meetings: one-on-one sessions, team meetings, large-group conferences. So it seems you’re always in front of the people who work for you.

But if you analyze who you spend time with, you’d realize that you’re visible to only a small percentage of employees. And a lot of your communication is ad hoc or off the cuff. So employees experience you sharing a few random thoughts before you pop out to another conference room.

To be a more compelling leader, you need to be more intentional about communication–to be more consistently visible.

High-performing leaders know that visibility doesn’t occur The result of these efforts? Your employees will say:

“I know what my leader stands for.”

“I trust my leader and believe that he/she is authentic.”

“I understand what our organization is trying to accomplish and how my work contributes.”

And isn’t that what it’s all about?