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How does SAP sizing affect SAP HANA pricing?- Valutrics

On premises

When sizing a HANA system for HANA on premises, companies will want to set up a system that is more than 100% larger than the sizing estimates recommended by the sizing tool. This ensures there will be enough database memory available to accommodate future database growth without the need for further investment in physical infrastructure. Fortunately, while there are reliable sizing tools available for SAP HANA to make it easier for customers to know the precise database size needed, that isn’t the case with SAP S/4HANA — the application side of SAP HANA — as it’s still a relatively new offering.

Whatever your implementation strategy will be and whether you use SAP or a SAP HANA-certified appliance provider, you’ll be advised to take a cautious approach that can also accommodate several years of incremental business transaction growth of a company.