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How Tech Takes the Fear Out of Change- Valutrics

Most executives consider disruption as a constant—and likely lasting—dynamic within their industries, according to a recent survey from KPMG LLP. The accompanying report, titled “Succeed in Constant Change,” indicates that companies that embrace a digital transformation are best positioned to thrive within the rapidly shifting landscape. With respect to change management, execs cite big data and an increasingly tech-savvy consumer as both a major challenge and opportunity. To rise to the occasion, they’ll need to improve data capture/analytics, boost the “tech IQ” of their workforce and find new ways to reduce expenses. While this may sound like a tall order, CIOs who help their organizations achieve these goals will emerge as essential contributors to strategic success. “The fastest-growing firms find opportunities at every turn, taking market challenges and transforming them into competitive improvements,” according to the report. “These companies believe that disruption must be embraced—not merely managed—to drive growth. (They respond) to change by investing in the right combination of technology and talent. Accordingly, they’re using those new assets to improve their knowledge, agility and company culture—a formula that leads to competitive advantage.” A total of 650 senior execs in the U.S. and U.K. took part in the research.