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How the Cloud Has Made an Indelible Impact on IT- Valutrics

A new study shows that most organizations offload tasks, improve their agility, add new functionality and reduce costs with software as a service (SaaS), but they still need to think through unique security risks. The study, “The Impact of Cloud Applications on the Role of IT,” was commissioned by BetterCloud and conducted by 451 Research using the U.S.-based web survey to query 269 organizations. The goal of the report was to pinpoint how cloud application adoption is changing the role of IT within enterprises now that hybrid IT—a mix of legacy systems with cloud services—is here. The sample includes IT decision-makers or influencers from midsized to large enterprises with job titles ranging from manager to C-level executives. 71percent of respondents say Microsoft is their primary vendor and 29 percent say Google is their main provider. Of those, 48 percent say they fully achieved their goal of reducing IT effort on routine work and 45 percent fully achieved an improvement in service levels and reliability. Forty-four percent fully achieved goals in improving user experience in functionality, and 44 percent fully achieved their goal of freeing up time to drive IT innovation.