How to harness the collective intelligence of the enterprise – Valutrics

Decide what to do

To boost the group’s cognitive process of deciding what to do, Malone pointed to the Good Judgment Project, run The top 2% of participants who correctly predicted events were labeled “super forecasters” and placed into groups of 10 to 15 where their predictions were mined for insight. As it turned out, the super forecasters were so accurate, they bested predictions made “That’s a pretty interesting lesson,” he said, “that more or less, ordinary people carefully selected and trained can make more accurate predications than people within the whole apparatus of the multibillion-dollar U.S. intelligence community.”

Another example of using technology to boost the collective IQ is prediction markets, where bets are placed on how accurate a prediction might be. Malone experimented with prediction markets to see if humans and machines making a prediction together produced more accurate results than humans or machines predicting alone. Augmented intelligence, in this case, won out.