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How to Run a Hybrid IT Environment- Valutrics

While the vast majority of CIOs, tech managers and IT professionals said cloud deployment factors greatly into long-term business strategies, most do not expect to migrate all of their company’s infrastructure to the cloud, according to a recent survey from SolarWinds. The resulting “IT Trends Report 2016: The Hybrid IT Evolution” indicates that most organizations will oversee a mix of cloud-based and on-premise infrastructure, otherwise known as a hybrid IT environment. Most likely, they’re seeking to migrate apps, storage and databases to the cloud (in that order of prioritization). To ensure success, they’re looking to hire job candidates with documented skills in hybrid tech monitoring and management, app migration and both distributed and service-oriented tech architectures. “Cloud adoption is nearly ubiquitous,” said Joel Dolisy, CIO at SolarWinds, “but it’s not now and will not in the foreseeable future be suitable for all workloads. And even if it were, very few—if any—companies would convert all of their existing applications to run in the cloud … At the center of this evolution are IT professionals who need to ensure always-on performance of applications, devices, networks and systems—regardless of location. They need to be empowered with the support to gain the skills and tools required to properly monitor and manage hybrid IT environments, which in turn will allow businesses to truly unlock the potential of the cloud.” More than 255 CIOs, IT practitioners, managers and directors in the U.S. and Canada took part in the research.