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Ikea Brilliantly Reveals The Psychology Behind Its Products


Absurdly Driven looks at the world of business with a skeptical eye and a firmly rooted tongue in cheek.

You likely thought it was just a bunch of chilly Swedes thinking up simple products and then giving them very silly names.

Indeed, look at the video for the company’s new bike and you’ll have your imagination confirmed.

But Ikea is a little more and it wants you to know how much more.

So it’s just renamed some of its products. The purpose is for you to see that the company isn’t chilly. Instead, it’s thinking about you and your mental chilling.

The company went through the most Googled relationship problems in Sweden and found products that might hold a solution to them.

It’s all at Ikea’s Retail Therapy page.

For example, it’s selling some perfectly delightful magnets under the name The Attraction Is Gone.

The lovely, practical day bed is called My Partner Snores.

You couldn’t possibly resist the queen costume that Ikea is selling under the name My Family Doesn’t Respect Me.

And what do you think a product called My Daughter Is Out All Night is? Of course it’s a disco ball with an LED light.

Some links, though, you might find tortuous.

How To Stay Married is a stainless steel frying pan with a 25-year guarantee. Cooking is the way to your spouse’s soul?

Then there’s the triple pad for wireless charging. It’s called Dating Three At Once. Is this an actual problem?

If you buy a dishwasher called My Girlfriend Won’t Do The Dishes, might she not pick up the How To Stay Married frying pan and hit you over the head with it?

And why would a cushion cover with a couple of circles be called My Dad Is Embarrassing? What exactly is dad doing on the sofa? Or wherever the cushions might be.

Psychology is complicated. There are so many interpretations available. Some are dangerous.

It’s noble, though, that Ikea is showing just how much it thinks about solving your problems.

We all know that none of us is very good at solving our own.


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