Infographic: Scientific Reasons Why You Can Never Get Enough Coffee- Valutrics

Science says you shouldn’t have coffee first thing in the morning, but you should have it before you take a power nap, but not too much or you won’t be able to focus. Why are we so obsessed with coffee in the first place? It has to be beyond just wanting to wake up.

Homebrew website Dripped Coffee has an infographic showing 13 reasons why we can never get enough coffee – and why there has not been a comparable substitute yet.

One reason is the speed: Coffee takes affect within 5 minutes of drinking it. Good luck trying to find something as fast (and as legal) as a cup of coffee. Another is the brain power: John Hopkins University found that a couple cups can boost short-term memory by about 10 percent.

All 13 reasons are in the infographic below. Read it while you sip your cup of joe.