IT Leaders Must Be Champions of Workplace Changes – Valutrics

A combination of employee cultural shifts and the dominate role technology plays in our lives has resulted in organizations committing to a digital workplace, according to a recent survey from Dimension Data. The resulting report, “The Digital Workplace Report: Transforming Your Business,” indicates that the vast majority of companies anticipate that they’ll be deploying more artificial intelligence-enabled IT in the form of virtual advisors and intelligent agents, which essentially do a job for you. These businesses also plan to invest in smart meeting rooms that have access to the latest in conferencing technology. As CIOs and their teams champion these changes, they and organizational leaders are looking for greater gains in productivity, while also engaging employees who want more job flexibility. “Digital transformation manifests itself in organizations in many ways,” according to the report. “But ask business leaders what they hope to accomplish, and it ultimately boils down to the same things: They want their employees to work together more effectively to boost productivity. They want to retain clients and gain new ones through better customer service. They want to drive down costs by consuming technology in new ways and leverage it to improve business processes. They want to gain an edge over their competitors. They want to embrace digital transformation to remain relevant in the face of the quickening pace of technology advances.” More than 800 global IT and business leaders took part in the research.