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Nine Tips for Agile DDoS Protection- Valutrics

DDoS is a disruption that plagues digital businesses. Unfortunately, it is growing and evolving rapidly. First-generation DDoS detection techniques were limited by scale-up computing models. Now, new, scale-out, big data technologies are providing nearly limitless capacity to handle modern networks. As a result, “Savvy NetOps and SecOps teams are taking a less static and more adaptive stance by moving past fixed, perimeter defenses to a more intelligence-driven approach,” says Jim Frey, Vice President Product Management of network intelligence provider Kentik Technologies. He suggests that CIOs assess the top-line risk of DDoS attacks by asking themselves questions like: Are your revenue, brand, user experience or critical growth initiatives dependent on Internet traffic? Are you launching a new e-commerce site, mobile app or VoIP or chat-based communications for customer service? How big a percentage of your business will Internet traffic touch? Here are Frey’s tips and questions to ask yourself while building agile DDoS protection.