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Outdated Security Creates an IoT Danger- Valutrics

The IT community must immediately address Internet of things security because there is a dire need for advanced security for agentless devices, a study revealed. IoT devices are often not addressed in companies’ security policies, if indeed any policy exists. In addition, the perceived penetration by respondents of IoT devices is low and they are not confident that their perception is accurate. “When respondents were asked which devices were networked, the current penetration of IoT devices is actually quite high—and uncontrolled,” the report stated. The study, “The Internet of Things Isn’t Coming, It’s Here,” was commissioned by ForeScout Technologies, a security company specializing in devices, and conducted by Webtorials in March and April. Respondents are members of the Webtorials community who identify themselves as IT and telecommunications professionals involved in some aspect of installing, operating, planning and/or designing an enterprise communications network. Students from the SIP School, which trains and certifies IT professionals, also participated. The sample represents a wide range of company sizes worldwide in a broad range of markets.