Perfectly Practical & Fantastically Fun: Why Co-Working Spaces Work For The Micro-Entrepreneur – Valutrics

Bob Dylan was onto something back in the 60’s when he wrote ‘The Times They Are a-Changin.’

It maybe a stretch to suggest Bob was foreseeing the way technological advancement would have an impact on 21st-century life, but he was pretty clever, and the song fits in with this article, so let’s go with it.

The traditional model of a fixed job for life is on the decline. The global economy has led to a shift in attitude and more people wishing to take control over their employment.

So in the face of job insecurity, people are starting their enterprises and taking control of their financial futures.

We have now firmly entered the era of freelancers and micro SMEs. Freelancers now make up over a third of the US workforce alone (that’s about 53 million people).

Since this new wave of freelancers is happy to bid the corporate world adieu, traditional office spaces sound like a blast from a very boring past. Technology has unchained us from our desks, but most of us don’t want to become hermits, destined never to see fellow freelancers for the rest of our professional lives. Instead, co-working spaces provide an alternative for this new generation of workers.

Ditching the ‘9 to 5’ and getting control over your own schedule is one of the great benefits of being your own boss. But it can be a lonely existence running an empire of one. Plus where do you find the time to grow you make new connections?

Co-working spaces create connections and relationships, which are essential to growing your enterprise.

In a co-working space, you’re surrounded When working at home, there are so many things that can distract you from work. For the weak willed amongst us, procrastination is never easier than when we are alone and surrounded I think I mentioned in a previous article that I was a sucker for a pajama day when I worked from home.  Pajamas I must point out did not mean that I was comfortable yet still motivated!

In a co-working space, you are amongst motivated peers, all there for the same purpose. Being amongst such company naturally increases our motivation and productivity, while reducing the feeling of isolation common in one-(wo)man band businesses.

With open plan workstations, quiet individual spaces and designated meeting rooms, co-working spaces have everything you’d want in your perfect office at a fraction of the price.

For a young business, owning or renting your office space is a huge financial commitment, and for many businesses, they are no longer essential. Co-working spaces are located in prestigious locations and give users access to the latest technology.

There are no long-term leases, utility bills or service fees. You simply pay for the time you spend in the space.

Many of the best co-working spaces are carefully designed to meet the exact needs of its customers. Traditional offices can wear down your productivity and creativity due to familiarity, office politics and ill-equipped facilities can add to the long list of woes.

With inspirational interiors, relaxing chill out zones and professionals on your wave-length, co-working spaces are hubs of collaboration, innovation, and creativity—the three essential attributes for the future of modern business.