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Sales Challenges for World Class Sales Force- Valutrics

World-Class Sales Organization.

We hear those words a lot.  Some companies aspire to it.  Others claim to be there already.  You are more likely to hear claims like those from a large enterprise, but you have better odds of actually finding it in a small to midsize company.

World-Class Sales Organization.

Some would say it’s a description of comapany’s people.  Others would suggest it has more to do with results.  Many would say it’s about the size of the sales force. And a few would point to sales leadership and discipline.

World-Class Sales Organization.

The top team of sales strategists at my sales leadership consulting and training firm, Kurlan Associates, set out to define what a world-class sales organization is and we developed this model.

There is an important distinction to be made here.  At a large company, there could be one or more individuals responsible for each spoke on that wheel.  In a small business, one person, and sometimes fewer than that, may be responsible for all of the spokes.  And in manycompanies, some of those spokes are placed under the direction of people who aren’t qualified  to lead them.  In other companies, there are huge gaps where some or all of one or more spokes are missing.

Let’s discuss the challenges of this model in a smaller company where there may be a half dozen salespeople or less reporting to one sales manager.  How is that one person supposed to handle:

  • Sales Leadership 
  • Sales Architecture
  • Sales Infrastructure
  • Sales Talent Management
  • Sales Enablement
  • Sales Human Capital

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