Security and Agility Aren’t Mutually Exclusive – Valutrics

In an effort to digitally transform their companies, the majority of enterprises are integrating their security teams into DevOps methodologies—or are trying to do so—a new survey finds. Faster app development can open a company to security risks, however. So how can enterprises increase both simultaneously? A new survey, “Making Security Agile” from scalable identity and encryption solutions provider DigiCert, addresses these questions. “Agility and security are not mutually exclusive, and integration requires a combination of technology improvements, and a cultural shift in how technical staff is aligned,” said DigiCert CSO Jason Sabin. “The DevOps methodology is not just a method for increasing speed, but [also] about improving efficiency, quality control and predictability in development outcomes.” The survey polled 300 U.S. enterprise executives (100 of whom are in IT management, 100 in DevOps and 100 in security) to see “whether their organizations are breaking down silos and inviting security to join the DevOps movement.”