The 4-Step Process for Turning a ‘No’ Into a ‘Yes’ for Any Sale – Valutrics

Even the best sales pitch could result in a “no,” but there are ways to turn rejection into success. Here are four pointers for when you’re turned down, and how to overcome:

1. Desensitize yourself to “no.”

Salespeople get slapped with rejection on an almost daily basis. Becoming desensitized to the word “no” will happen eventually, but the sooner the better.

An initial “no” could turn into a maybe (or even a yes!) with the right sales pitch, so be prepared with a response that combats the “no.” The important thing is to not take “no” personally; don’t let the “no’s” distract you from earning your next “yes.”

2. Don’t let a “no” be the end of the road.

Find out the “why” behind your prospect’s rejection. By discovering what is driving their hesitation, you’ll be able to provide them with a solution.

In some cases, no doesn’t really mean no, but instead it’s an easier answer for them to give if they aren’t sure what they want. Dig deeper with your prospect and try to get a better understanding of their needs, then adjust your pitch accordingly.

3. Try the “preemptive strike”

I’ve learned that if I can’t handle an objection correctly, I won’t get to the close. To avoid hearing a common objection, I try the “preemptive strike.”

This is where I bring up the objection before it’s brought up to me. That way I am in control of the conversation and can steer it towards a “yes.”

I used to work in the aviation sector, and there was always one objection that always came up: People were always asking about the size of the fleet. To prepare for this objection, I would say: “We’re a boutique firm and what people like most about us is how much we take pride in the customer experience.”

After digging deeper, I knew it wasn’t so much about how many planes we have, they cared most about that one plane they have booked. They want to know if that one plane will be on time, courteous and safe.

4. Create new opportunities.

If you feel like you’re in a sales rut, scope out networking events in your area and meet new people. Expanding your selling pool is never a bad thing; something as small as handing out your business card to a new friend could turn into a sales lead.

In sales, rejections happen frequently. But, hearing a “no” and the answer behind it can help you get closer to a “yes”. Don’t let rejections ruin your game, use these tools today and start closing more deals, more often.