The Misalignment of Digital Transformation- Valutrics

A new survey finds a “widespread stall” in digital transformation efforts, suggesting that its leadership is in crisis. Half of senior executives polled said their company is not successfully executing 50 percent of its strategies, according to the new report from Wipro Digital, “A Crisis in Digital Transformation.” While most executives believe the company is clear on the definition of digital transformation, an obstacle to success is the lack of alignment on what exactly digital transformation means. “Digital transformation efforts are coming up short on intended ROI, in part because digital transformation is as much a leadership issue as it is a strategy, technology, culture and talent issue,” said Rajan Kohli, senior vice president and global head, Wipro Digital. “Real digital transformation occurs when courageous leaders align goals and practices as well as theory, manage opportunity more than risk, and prioritize the future versus retrofit the present.” The study surveyed 400 senior-level U.S. executives at companies with more than 100 employees about digital transformation strategies within their organization. Following are key findings.