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When App Performance Draws Constant Complaints- Valutrics

IT departments are feeling increasingly overwhelmed due to ever-expanding corporate networks along with near-insatiable user demand for newer and better apps, according to a recent survey from InfoVista. The accompanying report, titled “Meeting the Network Demands of Changing Generations,” focuses on the pressures faced by information and communications technology (ICT) leaders in particular. These leaders indicate that they’re responsible for a vast volume of workplaces within the network, covering literally hundreds of locations. Meanwhile, they receive constant complaints about app performance from users, with these users also expecting better app availability. In addition, ICT leaders struggle to work with bring your own device/shadow IT practices, as well as support the delivery of effective unified communications and analytics solutions. “As (the workforce) creates increasingly high demand for more applications and better network performance, IT departments must go the extra mile to ensure their talent is not disgruntled or unproductive,” said Sylvain Quartier, senior vice president of products and markets strategy for InfoVista. “This could come to bear on businesses’ own revenue and customer satisfaction. Assuring this requires IT departments use highly visible and accurate, often round-the-clock application performance management solutions that could measure and predict service outages and degradations at any given time.” Nearly 300 senior ICT managers and decision-makers took part in the research.