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7th Annual Open Innovation 2013- Valutrics

7th Annual Open Innovation


Apr 15-17, 2013

Venue: The Ritz-Carlton, Philadelphia

Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

Current economic conditions demand that North American industries rely on the disciplines and strategies that not only allowed them to endure through difficult times, but succeed in spite of them. Open innovation is one such strategy. The open innovation model’s ability to facilitate the development and delivery of winning results has consistently proven as an effective tool and is critical in overcoming the most competitive of landscapes. The 7th Annual Open Innovation Conference will provide innovation leaders a unique opportunity to join their peers to discuss new ways to grow their open innovation practice. Discussions will focus on the application of smart-risk strategies, establishing common language that articulates goals of the open innovation practice, cultures that foster collaboration at every level of their enterprise, and expansion scenarios that identify new opportunities for growth and collaboration on a global scale.

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