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Why Simplifying Data Is Complicated Business- Valutrics

In assessing big data capabilities, few CIOs and tech and business leaders give their organizations high marks, according to a recent survey from Snowflake Computing. The report, titled “Overcoming the Reality Gap of Big Data,” shows that data must get to analysts faster. Survey respondents say that they’d like to simplify their data pipeline, while bringing down the cost of deploying, managing and tuning data tools. Those solutions could use some updating: While most survey respondents consider themselves firmly planted in the digital age, many organizations still cling to old-school tools—such as spreadsheets—to perform analytics tasks. “The rush to take advantage of new data capabilities has been likened to a 21st century gold rush.”According to some reports, investment in analytics is outpacing other IT areas. But despite all the attention focused on the potential of new technologies like big data analytics solutions, many organizations appear frustrated by their failure to realize their goals.” More than 100 high-level IT and business execs took part in the research, which was conducted by Gatepoint Research.