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Frontiers of Interaction 2013


Frontiers of Interaction 2013


Oct 24-25, 2013

Venue: Frontiers of Interaction

Location: Milan, Italy

About Frontiers of Interaction is the top notch Tech and Innovation conference in Italy. Its unusual format that mixes music, interactive and artistic installations, demo sites and speeches makes it the de-facto home for makers and innovators, talents moving between industry and academia, early adopters of enabiling technologies and geekie gadgets. Frontiers of Interaction 2013 SPEAKERS: Richard Saul Wurman Designer – TED, founder Dave Gray Author, Founder of Limnl – Limnl Ben Hammersley Editor at large – Wired UK Louisa Heinrich Strategist, Designer, Instigator Fabian Hemmert Design researcher Jared Ficklin Principal Design Technologist – frog Sigurdur Thorsteinsson Partner – Design Group Italia

TOPICS: Once again Frontiers of Interaction is covering emerging cutting-edge technologies that are disrupting the world as we know it, along with future trends that will shape it.

The dramatic times we are facing are coming along with exponentially accelerating technologies with huge impact. Three pillars of current society must reinvent themselves, let’s see how automotive, media and mobile industries will change in the close future.

AUTOMOTIVE RELOADED Cars have designed our future throughout the industrial era. So much that in the future since seen, was that of flying cars. Today we know that flying cars have not arrived and-after all-we do not need. The future we are experiencing is gone elsewhere. And cars have responded accordingly.

NOMADIC TECHNOLOGIES Mobile phones have redesigned our habits. Within a decade we have been announced, made accessible everywhere, then even geolocated. A chunk of plastic we carried out for work has become an object before emotional and so personal to integrate with our memory, making us prototypes of cyborg. In this field, the technology has always been a prerequisite but it was designed to separate the winners from extinct. And the process of natural selection is still largely in place.

MEDIA REVOLUTION As television is becoming a mosaic of tiles information always on, today we celebrate the death of the remote control, an icon of our history. Tablets and smartphones have been inserted between the TV and sofa, bringing transactions and insights on demand just a click away, causing seismic shifts: consumer viewing habits are now true full social experiences.

DESIGN THOERIES WITH A PRODUCT The fourth session, on design methodologies will highlights tools that the IxD/UX are taking to rethink this changed world, renewing the link with the product.


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